It's been a great journey

Well,.... the time has come for Krista and I to say farewell. Yes, the Paradise Beach Club has sold! Although it has been listed for sometime, it's still bittersweet for us to say goodbye. Close to 20 yrs in business, its been a great ride, alot of fun and exciting times, the 1000's of people we've met and the 100's of friendships we've made!! The couples we've set up and then have gone on to get married. The incredible bands we've had and the great dj's that kept the dance floor packed! And last but not least... the few loyal employees that stuck it out with us 'til the end! You know who you are. Krista and I love you! THANK YOU ALL For the years of loyalty and support through thick and thin. If you have a great memory of the Paradise please share it here, we'd love to hear it! Please, no negative thoughts. NOW, Krista and I will move on to the next chapter of our life, and be able to walk the beach(not weirs for now,lol) on a Saturday afternoon hand in hand... Thank you again. And now.......... LET'S GOOOOO!!!!